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Everyday Stories - Caesar
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Panton’s Audio Visual Book

The fun way to listen to English day-by-day
A learning tool to practice reading in English
Audio integrated into context
Engaging tools like hide, highlight and zoom
Encourages studying everyday English


A happy beaver colony is busily constructing a huge dam, building lodges and putting supplies away for the winter. Caesar, the engineer, is conspicuously absent. He can’t concentrate on his job anymore and he’s dreamily taking things rather too easy! How can Captain Bigtail persuade Caesar to end this most unbeaverlike behavior?

The fascinating world of busy beavers, filled with details of lodges and dam construction, engineering, lumbering, carpentering, architecture, cooking, housekeeping and other finer points of daily life in beautiful Beaver Bay, provide the perfect setting for this gentle, funny tale.


- Full colour illustrations
- Full text
- Full voice recordings
- Access to complete glossary
- Zoom in, page-by-page
- Facebook and Twitter links

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